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People with lots of questions

Those who have lots of questions about your products, services and offers are often way worse clients then those that sign up and pay without talking too much.

There’s a difference between legitimate questions and time wasters. Learn to recognise it.

woman sitting at table

Competition is Fierce

You are competing with funny cats, cute babies, hot babes, supercars, luxury vacations and the Kardashians along with all other celebrity shenanigans for your audience’s attention.

Boring offers ain’t gonna cut it. Your messaging must be on-point. Anything less is a waste of advertising dollars.

person showing left green eye

Attention is expensive

Do not squander your audience’s attention.

Attention is expensive.

Extremely expensive.

If you’re paying $1 to get someone to your website, and they stay 30 seconds, you’re essentially paying $120/hour for your audience’s attention. Chances are, you’re paying a lot more, because the days of $1 clicks are gone.

Do not squander their attention. Make it worth their while.

Attentive sheep

Don’t Chase

The best customers and clients you could have don’t want to work with you if you chase them.

Chasing and pestering potential customers and clients for business drives them away.

Don't chase clients