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Invest five minutes everyday testing just one new variation of your ongoing ad campaigns. A new image, a new headline, or even just a new audience.

In a year, your business will be unrecognizable.

Invest five minutes everyday in sending out a message to your clients and customers.

Within a year, your business will be unrecognizable.

We talked about testing ads. Then we talked about testing audiences.

But do not forget to test media and/or platforms. If everyone's advertising on Facebook, maybe you'll gain traction on banner ads. The very media that you wrote off because experts told you banners were dead.

Testing ads is necessary, but do you know you can also test audiences?

Your content and offers may have traction with people you never imagined would become your customers.

Tertiary markets are blue oceans. Primary audiences are red oceans.

Testing ads is the key to winning.

You are always losing a little bit of money on the table. Most of your ad budget is wasted because those ad impressions fail to make... well.. an impression on your audience.

With testing, you can constantly figure out ways to minimize waste.


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