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If you rely on third-party service providers such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon and so on for storing your data... and if their cloud is the primary home for your data, it's only a matter of time before you lose access to it... or worse, get breached.

They have their uses, but your data is your responsibility. Especially if it's mission-critical data that your business needs. In-house data servers are so cheap that there really is no excuse for not using one, or more.

I only use third-parties as doomsday backups, and the data stored on there is encrypted so hacks don't scare me anyway.

Whatever gets inspected, gets respected.

Trusting everyone is great, but verification is simply necessary.

If you trust other people to do something, be sure to intermittently verify. This includes your closest associates, partners and even the most dependable colleagues/employees.

People buy commodities all the time. They just don't fantasize about them.

Build products, services and offers your audience can dream about buying. Build objects of fantasy. Otherwise, you're just boring and markets will sway your business a lot more than you'd like.

If you're feeling wealthy, if your business is great, if the economy is favorable, if you have an awesome team, if your profit margins are high... remember that soon enough tides will turn. It's only a matter of time.

So systemize your business now. And the systems will help your business survive when the tide inevitably turns.

Attention of your audience is the ultimate commodity. And the most expensive. Can be easily wasted.

Trust of your customers is the ultimate goal. And the most precious. Cannot be bought.


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