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If your employees are worth a 50% salary boost to your competitors, they are worth a 100% boost to you. Do not let them leave for a competitor if the only incentive is money. You will end up retraining someone from scratch, or paying at least as much as you paid the outgoing employee makes at their new job.

You are competing in a free market. Act like it.

Retaining bad employees is like willingly letting old termite-ridden furniture sit with brand new furniture that could potentially last you decades.

Then: Build it and they will come.

Now: Borrow and pay someone else to build, and then hope they come.

It's not strategy. It's madness.

If you can't explain to me what you do that is unique within 60 seconds as though I were a five year old, you don't have a USP.

Westernston helps SME's systemize how they do stuff, so every employee knows how they are supposed to operate together.

That's our USP. What's yours?

People respect whatever you inspect.

If your team knows you won't ever inspect something, they'll do it their way. Or sometimes, not at all.

If you want to systemize, make policies, then inspect.


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