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Products Uniqueness

If people can buy the same products and services from a competitor, you’ve already lost the battle for positioning.

A Unique Selling Proposition can be your business’ single greatest asset.

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Who brings what to the table?

Who brings what to the table…

They have money.

You have skills, systems and services.

Never undervalue what you bring to the table.

Value chain

Your audience is super bored

Drunkards may be able to live without drinks for a day.

Your audience, however, is bored. They can’t live without stimulation for a day. If you don’t provide it, someone else will.

Attention Is Easily Lost

Pro-Tip #4

Pro-Tip #4

Whenever you talk to your prospects and customers…

Always talk about them.

Their hopes, dreams, desires, fears and stresses are all that motivate them.