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You may be wasting too much time and energy chasing after bad leads, or trying to appease bad clients.

Once you've worked with great clients, once you've tasted the treatment of good leads, you'll never settle for less.

Let your ten-year objectives guide your annual plans. Let those annual plans guide your quarterly goals. Let those quarterly goals guide your monthlies, and those monthlies your weeklies.

Then let those weeklies guide your daily tasks and processes.

This is how to manage your time.

Litmus test for your products: Do your customers get excited in the anticipation of receiving your product when they know it's out for delivery? Do they use phrases like "can't wait to get my hands on it".

If so, you got a good product. Otherwise, it's just another boring item in a boring world.

If you get 10% more leads, convert 10% more of those leads into customers, increased average transaction value by 10%, grow profit margins by 10%, make an additional 10% sales to each customer each year, and extend the duration of your relationship with them by 10%, your bottomline will grow by 77%.

Do this twice over, and it'll triple. That's how exponents work.

Pro-Tip #3: Fixed expenses are your enemy. Variable expenses are your friends.

When the chips are down, variable expenses will recede until the time is right, but fixed expenses will sink your ship.


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