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Bigger audience vs bigger impact

If your marketing budget is limited (and when is it not?) – choose to market to one thousand people ten times over the year than to market to ten thousand people all at once.

Intensity, as always, beats extensiveness.

Repeat exposure to the same people is better than exposure to more people

Do the opposite

If everyone is running facebook ads, test out banners that no one uses anymore.

If everyone is marketing online, market offline.

If your pretty ads aren’t working, try ugly ones.

Do what others are not doing, and you’ll do well.

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Who wins?

You can pay 10 times more for every lead you get than your competitors.

Because you know your customers’ lifetime value. And they don’t.

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Good ads vs Great ads

Good ads attract the right people to your offers and brand.

Great ads concurrently repel the bad prospects. This lowers your stress as well as overhead.

Repel bad clients