The Strategy Masterclass

Would you wear flip-flops & shorts if you went to Siberia in December? Of course not! You'd wear clothes appropriate for the weather.

And yet, business cycles are something that very few business leaders, owners and managers account for. In fact, most business advice & marketing advice by experts is irrelevant in the modern economic climate.
Business cycles are a product of economic conditions. But does your business strategy account for the hyper-inflationary economy we live in?
Have you accounted for the fact that online media continues to get more expensive as EVERYONE is using it now?
Can you run your business if key employees left, or met with an unfortunate situation that rendered them unfit to work?
Could your business survive without you at the helm? 
Your business needs strategy that works now. Attend this 60-minute webinar to see what other businesses are doing. Adapt to the new economic conditions as those continue to get harsher.

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