2 Greatest Reasons Why Should You Systemize Your Business & What You Can Accomplish Over The Long Term

A core difference between businesses that grows exponentially and those that don't is systemization. In other words, if you want to scale your business exponentially, marketing can't do much unless you systemize your business.

Systemize Your Business

As we have said in our very first post, "What Is Westernston?"...

The core philosophy here is that everything that is routine can be systemized. And ought to be systemized. 

For instance, how clients are served can be standardized and systemized.

This ensures that not only do they know what to expect each time they come back to do business with you, but also that no matter which one of your team members serves them, they get the same treatment as they've come to expect and love.

What does it mean to systemize something?

Let's start with definitions. Systemize definition...

to arrange in or according to a system; reduce to a system; make systematic.

to arrange in or according to a system; reduce to a system; make systematic.

What does it mean to systemize your business?

When you systemize your business, you break down different workflows into processes. Then you systemize each of those processes. Eventually you optimize those systems.

Here are some examples

Customer Service Process

A systemized method for dealing with clients' complaints ensures timely resolution. This means repeat business from people who feel they have been well taken care of.

Human Resources

A systemized method for hiring, training and evaluating performances means that it is possible for your company to recruit and train new members as rapidly as your business scales... And that there are no emotional biases, or internal politics affecting their performance reviews.

This improves company culture. This encourages everyone to maximize their performance. When people know that they won't be victim to nepotism or office politics, they give their best.

Additionally, this ensures that your team members are all on the same page when it comes to defining the objectives of your company, your mission, and your current strategy.

Financial Management

A systemized procedural guidebook for managing company finances ensures that you are always covered for the rainy days.

That running out of cash is virtually impossible for your business. That everyone gets paid on time. That clients pay their bills on time. That adequate money is devoted to marketing, as well as to research & development.

After all, marketing and innovation are the main profit centers in any business.

And when finances flow on time, everybody's happy, right?

You can systemize everything.

Every policy can be systemized. We'll be covering a whole lot of ideas about how to systemize your business in Westernston's products, articles and videos.

man showing how to systemize your business

Please note...

It takes more time and effort to systemize a process than just doing it yourself. But this is a one time thing. Once you have spent the time and invested the effort to systemize it, it takes minimal (and in many cases, no) effort to run that process. Indefinitely. An almost unlimited number of times.

In fact, if you systemize business processes according to best practices, your own involvement in managing the day-to-day operations of your business becomes almost negligible. You end up delegating tasks to responsible employees, and they take care of it for the most part.

This is why you systemize your business activities.

Benefits of Systemizing Your Business

There are several benefits for you if you systemize your business. Here are the main ones...

  • Increased profit because your business works as a well-oiled machine.
  • Less time managing the business or putting out fires. Get your business to run without you on the daily.
  • Your time, attention and effort chiefly go towards big deals, new ideas and growing your business.
  • Far more valuable equity: Your business is valued a lot higher if it is systemized than otherwise.

Bust most importantly...

Only Through Systemization Can You Guarantee Implementation

If you don't systemize a process or a policy, it will get lost in the chaotic mess that running a small business can be.

Just because you discuss something in a business meeting... and just because everyone on the team agreed, it doesn't automatically mean that the idea or process change will get executed.

People forget, despite their best intentions not to.

And when employees are subjected to professional stress in addition to their own personal stress, they are likely to forget about anything that they don't deem necessary.

What are the benefits of systemizing a business?

It's not that they would not like to follow every instruction. It's just that they have to receive that instruction in a concrete manner. And that their implementation has to be inspected regularly.

All of this is only attainable through systems. When you systemize your business, you guarantee implementation. You guarantee execution. You even systemize inspection of implementation of systems.

Which Business Systemization Software to Use

While there are many different software solutions, Westernston recommends starting small. You can get started with Google Docs and Sheets, which are absolutely free. Or Microsoft Word & Excel which you already likely have access to.

While these aren't the best or most obvious software solutions to systemize a business, they will get it done if you apply your creativity.

We will review some professional systemization software solutions in other articles.

So now, a question...

How to systemize your business?

Leave a comment below telling us what is currently systemized in your business. And how it helps you be more productive. Or avoid stress. Or be more profitable.

The best answers and ideas will receive a copy of our Ultimate Business Growth Mindmap worth $247 absolutely free.

If cashflow is the lifeblood of a business, then systems are the skeletal structure. Unless you systemize your business, marketing can't do much. Your business is simply not poised to scale.

And just in case you haven't already done so, go ahead and take our diagnostic quiz. You will tell us exactly what your most pressing problems are. And what you would like Westernston to do for you.

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Article written by Lakshay Behl
Lakshay Behl is the world's leading business systems architect. He engineers and deploys business systems that automatically operate, manage and grow companies. While he typically works with established companies in certain sectors, his strategies are universally applicable.

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