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In a noisy world, silence grabs attention.

Invest five minutes everyday systemizing just one aspect of your business. Whatever takes up most of your time via manual,, grunt work.

If you do this every day, in a year your entire business will be unrecognizable.

If you are not producing ads that are engaging and engrossing enough to be consumed as content, you're doing it wrong.

You are competing with crazy cats for attention. Remember that. Your ads should be purposeful and communicative.

Fibonacci is beautiful.

Your customers don't need to hear from you every single day, important as follow up is. Nor do your prospects. But out of sight is out of mind.

What is the perfect balance?

Answer: Fibonacci. Nature is organized in Fibonacci sequence. Golden ratios are derived from it. Your follow-up timing should follow Fibonacci for maximum effect.

Your USP is whatever you're really good at. Your core competence. Stuff you do so well nobody else can do it.

If it's something that there's high demand for, marketing is simply demonstration to the right audiences, and that's it.


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