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Develop a marketing routine. Similar to daily routines successful people have for themselves. The first four things they do when they wake up.

Develop a marketing routine - things you do to market your business before you do anything else for the day. Then follow it religiously for at least a year.

If you don't know where to start systemizing your business, start with lead flow. Develop systems to generate leads regularly and optimize them.

Lead flow is the ultimate traction.

The world works the way it works, not the way you want it to.

The world changes constantly, of course, and you can even affect some of those changes. But as of right now, this moment, it works how it works. You should plan accordingly.

If people can buy the same products and services from a competitor, you've already lost the battle for positioning.

A Unique Selling Proposition can be your business' single greatest asset.

Who brings what to the table...

They have money.

You have skills, systems and services.

Never undervalue what you bring to the table.


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