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We help small businesses systemize their operations. So that you can stop working “IN” your business, and start working “ON” it.

Work ON your business, not IN it.

Don’t Care To ‘Hustle‘ For The Rest Of Your Life?

Dear Entrepreneur

Did you get into business to be forced to hustle for the rest of your life? Did you truly want to become a slave to your business?

When we started our business, we knew that we would have to work hard. But only for a while. Just to get things off the ground. To establish lead flow, systemize operations and hire the right people.

But we also expected to get to a point where the business would become profitable as well as fully systemized.

Our endgame was always to show up now and then, monitor the important KPI’s, take care of big contracts and decisions, and let the business run on its own.

Your Goal Is To Be A Lazy Business Owner

Get started with Westernston today to systemize your business.

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The Most Important Question That You Should Be Asking...

Why Should I Systemize My Business

You must spend at least fifteen minutes every day to systemize your business. Here's why...

Here's What Business Leaders Who Successfully Systemize Their Business Say

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Systemizing your business doesn't have to be hard. You can do it in as little as fifteen minutes a day over the course of a couple of years...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? You're not alone. Here are some frequently asked questions...

Business Insights In Quick Bites

Scheduled Reminder: Fixed costs will kill your business. Some of them may be necessities, but for the most part, the more you eliminate or lower your fixed costs, the more sustainable your business will be.

Stop asking "What could/would happen if I did this?" Start testing. Data delivers the purest response you could hope for.

Let data drive your decisions, and not your "instinct" or "emotions". For your "instinct" is meaningless until you have a wealth of experience, enough to have a calibrated view of the datasets in your domain. Even then, should your "instinct" collide with freshly obtained data, you need to defer to data.

Did you make an offer today? An offer to buy something at murderous prices? Or to sell something. Or to make a joint venture. A relationship. An acquaintanceship. Anything? If you said no... What are you even doing then?

Pro-Tip #14: Don't underpay, overpay. For everything. Especially for ad space. And for key employees. If you can't afford to outbid your competitors, they've already women.

Labor shortage is a myth. You are just being too cheap. Offer a fair wage and there's no dearth of men and women willing to work full-time and overtime with all their hearts and minds.

What Are People Saying?

Westernston is all you need to start systemizing your business today.

Here’s a rule of thumb…

If you are doing something repeatedly, it should be systemized.

While not 100% of any business can be systemized, you can cut your workload by 90% or more. And you ought to.

There’s a strong chance you are spending 40 or more hours per week working in your business. 

You should strive to work ON your business instead of in it. Sounds cliché, yes, but systemizing your business is the single most important thing you can do.

Griffin Long

We run a niche business that makes has extreme seasons. Ten million emails, 25,000+ sales in 7 days with more than 10,000 sales in the final 36-48 hours. We even have hours when we are having more than 1000 sales in one hour. No problems there.

Then there are the lean seasons. Fewer than 100 sales in a week. Working with Westernston we identified ways to get more sales during lean seasons. Our overall lean season sales have increased 35%, and we just started working.

While the incremental revenue is only 3% so far, net profit is up by 6%. Safe to say, our investment with Westernston has paid itself over at least 10x. And that’s if we stop consulting the mindmap altogether.

Marc Mayor

Marc Mayor

Team Westernston has been a life-saver for a long time!

They take care of everything that falls within the scope of our contract…and then they go beyond. I wish I could award 10 Stars.

Especially noteworthy is their strategic outlook, which is beyond expectations. Once you have your strategy, getting things done is easy, the products are easy to understand, and our campaigns work, and we are making money.

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How Westernston Can Help Your Business

Unlock Your Business’s Potential and Profitability with Systemization

Experts Agree

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    Karl Pearson

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    "That which is measured improves. That which is measured and reported improves exponentially."

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    Henry Ford

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    “Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.”

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    Dan Kennedy

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    "He who can spend the most to acquire a new customer wins."

Unlock Your Business' Maximum Potential

Can't find the time to systemize your business? No worries!

You can get started with as little as 15 minutes a day.

What You Can Expect

When you start systemizing any process, in the beginning, it takes up more time and effort than it normally does.

This is normal, and to be expected.

Once you are done systemizing, however, it takes almost no time to run that procedure.

The little bit of extra time and effort you invest in order to systemize any process pays ongoing dividends for an incalculable duration of time.

Ready to start systemizing your business?

This is what our clients say…

With Westernston, you can streamline your processes and enjoy the freedom to grow your equity and achieve success.

Say goodbye to the headaches of managing day-to-day operations and hello to more time for growth!

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what other business owners have to say…

I have been a client of Westernston for a while. The commitment from the founders in the community, supporting us 100%, is something not common these days. I really appreciate this. We have been able to launch products extremely fast with Westernston. We have been able to share the stage with Grammy-award winning musicians with…

Let me preface by saying this - I love taking quizzes, diagnoses and questionnaires. So when I saw Westernston's Business Diagnosis, naturally I had to take it. I had fully expected to excel and receive an A - I am a third-generation businesswoman. And our numbers have been nearly always northward. So when the quiz…

I had taken over the family business after my father developed a rare form of Parkinson's... and despite my best efforts, I was overwhelmed. We were going downhill. I saw an ad and took Westernston's diagnostic quiz. But the results were not what I expected. The quiz revealed that the business was hemorrhaging money in…

Start Systemizing Your Business Today

Spend just fifteen minutes a day to systemize your processes, and in a few weeks your business will be unrecognizable.