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Labor Shortage is a Myth

Labor shortage is a myth. You are just being too cheap. Offer a fair wage and there's no dearth of men and women willing to work full-time and overtime with all their hearts and minds.
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Some rules are meant to be broken. If you never break any rules, chances are you don't have anything worth listening to.
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Pro-Tip #13: Quality

I went to a restaurant. Went out to take a call. Saw the employees in the kitchen "misbehaving" with the food. "It's not like we're gonna have to eat it." Pro-tip #13: If your product isn't good enough for you, it's not good enough for your customers and clients. Corollary to pro-tip #13: Reputation, once […]
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How to build equity

What builds equity in business? Systems. Reliable, dependable systems that get things moving. Pro-tip: The more unbreakable a system, the greater the equity.
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Equity or Income

Focus on maximizing income, and you'll end up getting paid very well for your time. Focus on maximizing your equity, and you'll end up getting paid well enough for never having to spend your time. Choose wisely.
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Good Employees

If your employees are worth a 50% salary boost to your competitors, they are worth a 100% boost to you. Do not let them leave for a competitor if the only incentive is money. You will end up retraining someone from scratch, or paying at least as much as you paid the outgoing employee makes […]
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