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Business Appraisal Explained

If you have just taken the business appraisal questionnaire, and received your business' valuation, this article is for you. This is a preliminary result, of course. Business Valuation takes weeks if not months of specific analysis. We would expect you to treat this business valuation as a rather preliminary report. A starting point, if you […]
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The One Key To Building A Business That Lasts A Thousand years

Tesla vs Berkshire? Vs Something Else? I was recently discussing the sustainability of business models with a dear friend of mine who's also a very smart businessman. he said to me something along the lines of... I'd not want to be Tesla even though it seems much more profitable today. But it's a very new […]
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What this pandemic has taught us about healthy finances for your business

Business is a numbers game. It’s always been a numbers game and it will always continue to be a numbers game. You could have the best products and services, you could have the most loyal clientele, you could have the superstar employees that every single one of your competitors hate you for… if the numbers […]
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4 Tips to Safeguard Your Business, Respond to Data Breach Threats

The following article is a guest submission by Lindsey Weiss, the co-creator of outbounding. This article is a very brief overview of why you, the small business owner must start thinking about the very real, tangible threat of data breaches before something bad happens to your business. So, let's put our hands together for Lindsey […]
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The Power of Systems

This post about the power of systems was recently lost in migration. What that means is that we recently switched our web host, and due to unforeseeable technological problems, this particular article was not brought to the new host. So here we are reprinting it, hopefully fixing the 404 errors in the process. Jack Duncan […]
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Going out of the way for your customers (Client Satisfaction)? BAD move!

So someone asked me recently if there's anything at all that I would not do to satisfy my clients, given that my clients vouch for a lot of things that we do for them... and we have excellent relationships with all of our clients. So they wanted to know if there's anything we would NOT […]
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