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Pro-Tip #14: Don't underpay, overpay.

Pro-Tip #14: Don't underpay, overpay. For everything. Especially for ad space. And for key employees. If you can't afford to outbid your competitors, they've already women.
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Some rules are meant to be broken. If you never break any rules, chances are you don't have anything worth listening to.
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You have no USP if

If you can't explain to me what you do that is unique within 60 seconds as though I were a five year old, you don't have a USP. Westernston helps SME's systemize how they do stuff, so every employee knows how they are supposed to operate together. That's our USP. What's yours?
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Pro-Tip #11

Greater the volume, greater the leverage. You can double your CTR easily be testing your ads, and this can lead to 400% or higher gain in your bottomline. But you can't necessarily double your profit margin per sale without affecting conversion ratios. Higher leverage is invariably found at the top of the funnel.
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Pro-Tip #10

The ads that do not work for one audience won't necessarily not work for another audience. If you had decent ads on a campaign that stopped working, test them on newer audiences.
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Invest 5 Minutes #3

Invest five minutes everyday testing just one new variation of your ongoing ad campaigns. A new image, a new headline, or even just a new audience. In a year, your business will be unrecognizable.
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