Category: Brand Equity

The End Goal

The end-goal for your business is to maintain and progressively strengthen the relationship you have with your audience. Everything else... your equipment, your team, your tools, your infrastructure, even your business' systems exist only to facilitate that. Profits and equity are mere byproducts.
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Attention is the ultimate commodity

Attention of your audience is the ultimate commodity. And the most expensive. Can be easily wasted. Trust of your customers is the ultimate goal. And the most precious. Cannot be bought.
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Going out of the way for your customers (Client Satisfaction)? BAD move!

So someone asked me recently if there's anything at all that I would not do to satisfy my clients, given that my clients vouch for a lot of things that we do for them... and we have excellent relationships with all of our clients. So they wanted to know if there's anything we would NOT […]
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