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Invest 5 minutes #2

Invest five minutes everyday in sending out a message to your clients and customers. Within a year, your business will be unrecognizable.
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Pro-Tip #6

In a noisy world, silence grabs attention.
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Your USP

Your USP is whatever you're really good at. Your core competence. Stuff you do so well nobody else can do it. If it's something that there's high demand for, marketing is simply demonstration to the right audiences, and that's it.
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New customers vs existing clients

In business, as in life, intensity and focus matter far more than extensity and breadth. I'd rather spend my resources talking to existing customers and clients then new customers. I'd rather send out letters and emails to my existing list than people who don't know me. Customer acquisition should be systematized. But it's transactional. Relationships […]
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Proof is the pre-requisite for trust

Proof that your product/service is all that you say and more... is the pre-cursor to trusting customers and repeat business. Because without proof, no prospect will become a customer in the first place.
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Proof and levels of it

If you have a unique product that does something other competing products cannot do, demonstrate it. If you can't demonstrate it, bring out a sampler. If you can't bring out samples, encourage your customers to talk about it. If your business is new, get someone with authority or repute to vouch for it. If none […]
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