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What could happen if...

Stop asking "What could/would happen if I did this?" Start testing. Data delivers the purest response you could hope for.
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Data Driven Decisions

Let data drive your decisions, and not your "instinct" or "emotions". For your "instinct" is meaningless until you have a wealth of experience, enough to have a calibrated view of the datasets in your domain. Even then, should your "instinct" collide with freshly obtained data, you need to defer to data.
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Did you make an offer today?

Did you make an offer today? An offer to buy something at murderous prices? Or to sell something. Or to make a joint venture. A relationship. An acquaintanceship. Anything? If you said no... What are you even doing then?
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You have no USP if

If you can't explain to me what you do that is unique within 60 seconds as though I were a five year old, you don't have a USP. Westernston helps SME's systemize how they do stuff, so every employee knows how they are supposed to operate together. That's our USP. What's yours?
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Pro-Tip #12

People respect whatever you inspect. If your team knows you won't ever inspect something, they'll do it their way. Or sometimes, not at all. If you want to systemize, make policies, then inspect.
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Systemize Your Communications

If you asked me for my meeting notes from December 2015, I'll be able to produce them in under a minute. If you asked me for your contract with Westernston that was signed in 2016, I'll be able to send you a copy within one minute flat. We have systems for organizing communications, contracts, notes […]
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