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Rapid growth

Rapid growth is cancerous. Inevitably, the cyclical nature of our universe ensures whatever grows rapidly, ages rapidly, and dies en masse. You may think you want rapid growth in profits, equity or assets. But focus instead on sustainability and lean survival, and your business will last 100x as long, maybe even 1000x.
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Proof is the pre-requisite for trust

Proof that your product/service is all that you say and more... is the pre-cursor to trusting customers and repeat business. Because without proof, no prospect will become a customer in the first place.
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Proof and levels of it

If you have a unique product that does something other competing products cannot do, demonstrate it. If you can't demonstrate it, bring out a sampler. If you can't bring out samples, encourage your customers to talk about it. If your business is new, get someone with authority or repute to vouch for it. If none […]
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Trust but Verify

Whatever gets inspected, gets respected. Trusting everyone is great, but verification is simply necessary. If you trust other people to do something, be sure to intermittently verify. This includes your closest associates, partners and even the most dependable colleagues/employees.
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Bigger audience vs bigger impact

If your marketing budget is limited (and when is it not?) - choose to market to one thousand people ten times over the year than to market to ten thousand people all at once. Intensity, as always, beats extensiveness.
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4 Tips to Safeguard Your Business, Respond to Data Breach Threats

The following article is a guest submission by Lindsey Weiss, the co-creator of outbounding. This article is a very brief overview of why you, the small business owner must start thinking about the very real, tangible threat of data breaches before something bad happens to your business. So, let's put our hands together for Lindsey […]
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