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Build Systems Now

If you're feeling wealthy, if your business is great, if the economy is favorable, if you have an awesome team, if your profit margins are high... remember that soon enough tides will turn. It's only a matter of time. So systemize your business now. And the systems will help your business survive when the tide […]
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Attention is the ultimate commodity

Attention of your audience is the ultimate commodity. And the most expensive. Can be easily wasted. Trust of your customers is the ultimate goal. And the most precious. Cannot be bought.
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Bigger audience vs bigger impact

If your marketing budget is limited (and when is it not?) - choose to market to one thousand people ten times over the year than to market to ten thousand people all at once. Intensity, as always, beats extensiveness.
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Do the opposite

If everyone is running facebook ads, test out banners that no one uses anymore. If everyone is marketing online, market offline. If your pretty ads aren't working, try ugly ones. Do what others are not doing, and you'll do well.
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Marketing Stack

Develop a marketing routine. Similar to daily routines successful people have for themselves. The first four things they do when they wake up. Develop a marketing routine - things you do to market your business before you do anything else for the day. Then follow it religiously for at least a year.
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Time Management

Let your ten-year objectives guide your annual plans. Let those annual plans guide your quarterly goals. Let those quarterly goals guide your monthlies, and those monthlies your weeklies. Then let those weeklies guide your daily tasks and processes. This is how to manage your time.
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