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Pro-Tip #4

Pro-Tip #4 Whenever you talk to your prospects and customers... Always talk about them. Their hopes, dreams, desires, fears and stresses are all that motivate them.
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Pro-Tip #3

Pro-Tip #3: Fixed expenses are your enemy. Variable expenses are your friends. When the chips are down, variable expenses will recede until the time is right, but fixed expenses will sink your ship.
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Someone else already got it

If you are about to pay for business equipment et al, remember, someone else out there already bought it, but can't put theirs to good use. If you find this person, you can make a win-win deal instantly.
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Creating systems takes more effort than just doing the task yourself. But creating a system takes time just once. Thereafter, you almost never need to perform the task yourself.
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Pro-Tip #2

Pro-Tip #2: Produce content for your audience everyday. Ensure it is something they can use right away.
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Pro-Tip #1

Pro-tip #1: If you're chasing a lead in hopes of getting business from them, you're doing it wrong. Corollary: Customers line up to spend money everyday, but not if you chase them.
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