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Greatest Leverage

The greatest leverage you have in your business is your advertising. Because just testing various ads, audiences and platforms over time can 100x your profit margins, and 500x your equity. Example: You spend $1000 on ads each month. Ads get 500 clicks. 20 Prospects. 4 Customers. 2 Loyal Clients. With better ads: Same $1000 ad […]
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Your advertising budget can exponentially grow your profits

Your advertising is weak. It's not as strong as it could be. The same budget with better ads could generate as much as 10-30x more leads, 10-30x more customers, 10-30x more revenue and 15-100x higher profits. That's up to 100x higher profits. That's 100x, not 100%. That is 10,000% higher profits. Because one of the […]
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