The Strategy Master Class

Less Time => Greater Impact


Spend less time and effort on your business. Do things that are truly impactful. Get started right now...

And for just $5, we will show you six amazing tweaks you can execute in your business today. These tweaks will enable you to...

  • Get the forces of nature aligned with your business so that instead of deteriorating your business, they help build it.

  • Don't let your competitors win your customers despite having inferior products compared to yours anymore.

  • Learn how 80/20 can be compounded and harnessed in ways you might have never imagined to achieve results you thought were impossible.

  • Less "working", more "winning". Stop working IN your business like an employee. Start thinking and strategizing as a business leader.

Work ON your business, not IN it.Work ON your business, not IN it.

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Why We Created The Strategy Master Class

Tired of Feeling Out of Control?

It’s not just you.

It’s every business leader and entrepreneur out there. And we will be perfectly honest with you. That includes us as well.

Business is getting harder. Period.

  • Advertising is getting ridiculously expensive.
  • Capital requirements for starting a business are lowering.
  • Which means a lot more competition.
  • Customer loyalty seems to be a thing of the past.
  • Employees are far more demanding, and far less dedicated.

Any business owner or entrepreneur who is being honest with himself knows this. It is harder to get customers and clients, and far more difficult to retain them.

Speaking of key performance indicators…

All KPIs are suffering across the board.

For your business, for ours, and for our clients as well as competitors.

CPAs are much higher than they used to be, even a few years ago.

Lifetime values of customers are lower than they used to be.

Business owners are working harder than ever before.

Even if you have been making a decent profit, you know that it takes more time and effort than ever before to achieve any sort of positive outcome.

Most business owners we speak to are spending more time in the office chasing new customers and prospects. And, of course, putting out fires.

Here are some frequently asked questions…

Why is everything so expensive now?

While there are several reasons for this, there are two major reasons…

  1. More and more people are choosing to be business owners instead of employees.
  2. Inflation is simply out of control. We have heard this before, but never before in the history of mankind have we ever witnessed such reckless money-printing by governments across the globe.

Sadly, this will only get worse.

Why is advertising so expensive now?

More people are choosing to start a business now than at any time in human history.

As such, they are competing for the same subgroups of audiences’ attentions and market share. Which means, they are all buying ad spaces online as well as offline.

It’s simple demand and supply.

The more ad space entrepreneurs want, the more expensive it gets.

As more and more businesses flood the markets, they’ll all compete for the same eyeballs, the same ad space, making it much more expensive for everyone.

Why are so many people choosing to start a business?

Three main reasons…

No job security.

Covid made this obvious to everyone that there is no such thing as job security.

Throughout modern history, people traded away their dreams of riches and freedom in exchange for a steady paycheck.

But the pandemic made people realize that having a “steady” job did not immune them from the economic stresses businesses face.

And as such, they realized they have no incentive to work for someone else. Their job was still a risky situation, and they could be let go at any time.

Lower barrier to entry.

Anyone with a laptop and a few hundred dollars can start a business now. It’s just not capital intensive anymore.

For a few hundred dollars, you can read a bunch of books written by self-made entrepreneurs who not only inspire people to start their own businesses, but also tell them about their experiences, lessons and mistakes.

And it takes just a couple of bucks to start a website with a payment button and advertise on Meta or YouTube.

This drives up costs.

Many people now think business is easy money.

It truly is not. Anyone who has run a real business knows this.

But people who have never run a business don’t understand this. They truly believe starting a business is easy, and doesn’t take a whole lot of effort. That running a business will make them wealthy fast.

And while they might actually fail, that doesn’t stop them from believing that it’s very easy to become rich by starting their own business.

This is why we created “The Strategy Master Class”.

If you are running a real business, and need strategies to mitigate the oncoming tsunami of “wantrapreneurs”. The Strategy Masterclass was created precisely for you.

Click here to enroll for just five dollars.

Business Is Getting Harder

But if you are willing to strategize and execute, you can make your business competitor-proof.

Statistically speaking, small businesses are inevitably dying...

72.7% of all businesses are either in the red, or barely breaking even when you take inflation and all the rounds of "Quantitative Easing" into account.

We have statistical evidence for this.

Lakshya Behl, CEO of Westernston

What Is Inside...

The Strategy Master Class Modules

The Strategy Masterclass by Westernston is made up of these 6 modules...

    1. Retain Your Prospects

    63.7% of all business make this serious mistake that causes their prospects to leave & go to the competitors, even those with inferior products/services.

    2. 80/20 Compounded

    Everyone knows about 80/20. But did you know you can even compound 80/20, and formulate a much better business strategy based on compounded 80/20?

    3. Death of the Backend

    How to scale your profits when customer loyalty is dead? You may be leaving money on the table without being aware of it.

    4. High Level Visibility

    We will show you how to have a God's-eye view of your business. While being able to zoom into any aspect and make optimizations.

    5. Predictable Growth

    Can you run your business if key employees left? Predictable growth is predicated upon systemized operations. We'll show you the nuts & bolts of business systemization.

    6. Survival Without You

    Can your business survive without you at the helm? How long can you be gone without your business falling apart? Let us show you how it's possible... Click here to start.

“Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.”

Henry Ford

"He who can spend the most to acquire a new customer wins."

Dan Kennedy

“If you’re failing to strategize, you’re probably using your time in the wrong ways.”

Jay Abraham

Poised For Growth, Or Poisoned?

"Forces of Nature Are Either Helping Your Business Grow Exponentially...

...Or They Are Eroding It"

Get The Forces Of Nature On Your Side

How Well-Poised Is Your Business For Growth?

Why is it that companies with seemingly worse products tend to greatly outsell companies with better products?

Why is it that better service, better offers and better advertising doesn’t always lead to bigger marketshare, and bigger bottomline?

Is It Just Plain Unfair?

Why is it that while you might have a hard time acquiring new customers or clients… your competitors seemingly siphon off yours with little to no effort?

Here at Westernston, we show you how to align your business with the forces of nature, so that growth and increased marketshare (and bottomline) become inevitable.

As soon as you enroll, we will show you how to leverage the forces of nature. How to get them working on your side. So instead of eroding and deteriorating your business, they help you grow and scale up.

Here's What Business Leaders Who Execute The Strategy Masterclass In Their Businesses Say...

Ideas galore

One Idea Is All You Need

All we are aiming for here is one idea.

One idea that adds thousands of dollars, if not tens or hundreds of thousands into your pocket.

One idea that can help you save time. Hours every week. Days of your life cumulatively every year. Years of effort and "busywork" over your career.

Just one idea can save you time and effort. While simultaneously adding thousands of dollars to your bottom lime.

You can't afford to miss this Master Class

It's just $5. And there's no risk to you...

  • Easy Refunds

    No questions asked.

    If you feel you did not get any ideas about making your business more profitable, just let us know.
  • 12 Minutes

    Your time. Your choice.

    Take it now. Or whenever you want. You can even take it repeatedly. As many times as you want.
  • 95% Off

    Generally priced at $100.

    But if you get it now, it's just $5. Why? Because we really want you to enroll. It's imperative for your business.

Griffin Long

We run a niche business that makes has extreme seasons. Ten million emails, 25,000+ sales in 7 days with more than 10,000 sales in the final 36-48 hours. We even have hours when we are having more than 1000 sales in one hour. No problems there.

Then there are the lean seasons. Fewer than 100 sales in a week. Working with Westernston we identified ways to get more sales during lean seasons. Our overall lean season sales have increased 35%, and we just started working.

While the incremental revenue is only 3% so far, net profit is up by 6%. Safe to say, our investment with Westernston has paid itself over at least 10x. And that’s if we stop consulting the mindmap altogether.

Marc Mayor

Marc Mayor

Team Westernston has been a life-saver for a long time!

They take care of everything that falls within the scope of our contract…and then they go beyond. I wish I could award 10 Stars.

Especially noteworthy is their strategic outlook, which is beyond expectations. Once you have your strategy, getting things done is easy, the products are easy to understand, and our campaigns work, and we are making money.

Shyam Mohan Gupta featured on News

Shyam Mohan Gupta

I have been a client of Westernston for a while. The commitment from the founders in the community, supporting us 100%, is something not common these days. I really appreciate this. We have been able to launch products extremely fast with Westernston. We have been able to share the stage with Grammy-award winning musicians with little to no effort on our part. Truly outstanding results and insane productivity.

Carla Sanderson

Let me preface by saying this – I love taking quizzes, diagnoses and questionnaires.

So when I saw Westernston’s Business Diagnosis, naturally I had to take it. I had fully expected to excel and receive an A – I am a third-generation businesswoman. And our numbers have been nearly always northward.

So when the quiz was over, and I received a “C” I was furious. At first, I wanted to rage on Westernston people and demand a refund. But I am glad my cooler persona prevailed, and I looked at the explanation. It was good and bad.

Good because I could see exactly what made my business risky. And bad, because I knew I had a lot of work to do.

At the end of the day, I had to digest the poison pill, but it was well worth it. At least I know now how naked I am.

Gerald McGonagal

I had taken over the family business after my father developed a rare form of Parkinson’s… and despite my best efforts, I was overwhelmed. We were going downhill.

I saw an ad and took Westernston’s diagnostic quiz. But the results were not what I expected. The quiz revealed that the business was hemorrhaging money in countless ways. I had never noticed these issues before, but now that they were in front of me, it was impossible to ignore. I realized that my fixed costs were too high, our marketing strategies were ineffective, and my accounts were not being managed properly.

As soon as I saw what was going wrong, it was impossible not to think about answers to the various issues plaguing my business.

John Carlyle

I have been the proud owner of a small business for over ten years, but lately I had been feeling overwhelmed.

With mounting costs and decreasing profits, I have been at a loss as to how to turn things around. Around three months ago, I came across Westernston’s diagnostic quiz. I answered the questions honestly, assuming the results would merely confirm what I already knew.

But when the assessment was complete, I was met with unexpected results – we have been losing money in more ways than we had originally thought.

Armed with this new knowledge, we have made some changes. And let’s just say, I intend to take this quiz every year.

We need to be perfectly honest here...

We Won't Give You Everything

“We’ll give you everything you need”. You have heard this before. In fact, you hear it all the time.

The problem with that, though, is overwhelm.

Our goal here at Westernston is the exact opposite of that. We do not want to overwhelm you. We want to help you develop systems that free you.

It’s why we are strong proponents and followers of the 80/20 philosophy. Get it done. Now. For good. So that it stays done.

So, we will be perfectly honest.

You won’t get everything you need to grow your business with the Strategy Master Class.

Our objective today is to give you one solid idea to grow your business. Or to make it more competitor-proof. 

And we aim to do it within just a few minutes. So you may execute those changes, and reap rewards in perpetuity.

So enroll now and get it done…

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