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Funny Memes & Inspirational Quotes about Entrepreneurship



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  • Easy to apply
  • Non-stick, easy to remove
  • Waterproof, laminated
  • Fifteen Fun & inspirational stickers
  • 3M Sheets for superior quality
  • Apply on Laptops, Phones, Bottles & More
  • Not available on Amazon or at Walmart, Target etc.

What You Are Getting...

What's Good?

So, about these stickers...

Nobody 'gets' the entrepreneur life... Except another entrepreneur.



These stickers don’t take up a lot of space. They are half as thin as a nickel. You’d think we were advertising something else (ahem), but thinness matters…

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Unlike Info-Products


Every dudebro’s got a course these days. About something. When you dive into one, they’re pretty much all the same. Rehashed af.

At least your stickers can’t be found elsewhere. Not on Amazon. Or Walmart. Or Target.

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Showcase Your Thing...

Even Businessmen Have Personalities...

Nobody gets it. Not your wife. Not your kids. Your friends. Relatives.

Being a business leader is hard. But do you know what’s much, MUCH harder?

Finding someone who shares your beliefs.

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Perfect fit. But only if you...

Systems are what separate the boys from the men. If you regularly spend time systemizing your business, these stickers will fit you (metaphysically) like a glove.

Yep, I Systemize & I Am Proud Of It

Here's More Of What You Are Getting...

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Fifteen stickers. One Packet. Entrepreneur Memes.

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