The Ultimate Business Growth Mind Map

Is Your Business Keeping You Overworked?

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  1. Feeling Stuck?

    Has it been difficult to scale your business over the past few years? Do you feel you are still where you were five years ago?

  2. Overworked?

    Are you working like an employee IN your business? Do you end up working more than even your employees?

  3. Scared of Inflation?

    Are your expenses rising faster than your revenuues and/or margins? Are your customers feeling the pinch too?

  4. Advertising Costs Killing Your Margins?

    Advertising is getting expensive. Nothing you can do about that

  5. No Control Over Your Time?

    If you don't control your time, you are in a worse position than your employees. They don't have the responsibilities or the risk, but you do.

  6. No Customer Loyalty?

    Customers are inevitably spolied for choice because there are far too many sellers vying for their wallets. 


The Ultimate Business Growth Mind Map

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If you have been stuck... if your business seems to be making no strides, you need this. Here's why...
  • Plug The Leaks

    Your business is leaving money on the table. It's time to plug those money leaks.

  • 80/20 Compliant

    Less time. More impact. Get actionable ideas that deliver maximum impact with least effort.

  • Survive & Thrive

    Very few businesses survive over the long term. Make your business one of those.

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Exponentially grow your business with simple action items...

Here's what is possible...

The Ultimate Business growth Mind Map by Westernston is made up of the following six modules…

  1. Module 1: Get More Leads
  2. Module 2: Convert More leads into clients
  3. Module 3: Increase Transaction Value
  4. Module 4: Increase Net Margins
  5. Module 5: Increase Transaction Frequency
  6. Module 6: Maximize Relationship Length

These are the only six ways to grow a business. 

Everything else you do… and your employees do… ideally should support one or more of these six strategic objectives.

Start maximizing your business now

“Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.”

Henry Ford

"He who can spend the most to acquire a new customer wins."

Dan Kennedy

“If you’re failing to strategize, you’re probably using your time in the wrong ways.”

Jay Abraham

Don't Care To 'Hustle' For The Rest Of Your Life?

Here's Why You Should Pay Attention...

Your Goal Is To Be A Lazy Business Owner

Did you get into business to be forced to hustle for the rest of your life? Did you truly want to become a slave to your business?

When we started our business, we knew that we would have to work hard.

But only for a while.

Just to get things off the ground. To establish lead flow, systemize operations and hire the right people.

But we also expected to get to a point where the business would become profitable as well as fully systemized.

Our endgame was always to show up occasionally, monitor the important KPI’s, take care of big contracts and decisions, and let the business run on its own.

The Purpose

The purpose of the business was to create equity for us over the long-term. We did not start a business to trade in a 5-to-9 for a 9-to-5. We didn’t run a business just to become a slave to it.

Our goal was to work on a process once… just one time… and then systemize it. So we never had to engage in mindless repetitive tasks endlessly.

So we created the Ultimate Business growth Mind Map as a reference. For ourselves. It wasn’t designed to be sold. It was designed to be used by us. In-house.

And we have been using it successfully for well over a decade.

Start Systemizing Your Buiness Like Us Starting Now

Here's What It Will Do For You

Why You Need The Mind Map Now...

If you have just 15-30 minutes a day, and are good at executing ideas, the Ultimate Business Growth Mind Map by Westernston will assist you in achieving...

If you have ever wondered about what to do next... or where the next bunch of clients will come from... or how to survive the next quarter, it is time to start exeucting the action ideas inside... one at a time...

Here's What Business Leaders Who Successfully Systemize Business Say...

Here's How It Works...

get Results Immediately

While The Ultimate Business Growth Mind Map is extensive and very detailed, you do not need to go through it in its entirety to get results. In fact, each of the six modules is broken down into several short & quick sections... so you can get to results faster.

  1. Go through a section (Average 17-minutes)

    There are detailed videos to discuss the various aspects and angles you need to consider so you can customize the ideas for your business...

  2. Execute the action items (30-120 minutes)

    You will need to customize the action items to design them for your business. But we give you excellent starting points in the form of action items, which you can start executing immediately

  3. Profit. Then Rinse and repeat with another section.

    Some action items can generate results almost immediately, while others take effect over the long-term. Your mission is to continue executing action items one after another, & building on successes

I am ready. Take me to the action items now...