Free consultation. 
By invitation only.
Only for qualified entrepreneurs.
Regular consultation fee is $3999. Use code "LBINVITE" at checkout to make a refundable $199 deposit instead of $3999.
First, this is a rare offer. Westernston does not offer free consultations. Paid engagements get a higher priority. Regular consulting fee is $2,500 an hour for clients who are not on retainer. So whenever this call happens, it must happen at a time that is convenient for us. And of course, convenient for you. We have a booking app that syncs right into my calendar so that you can choose a time slot we are available at.
Secondly, we cannot accommodate everyone. We only talk to you if you qualify based on the criteria listed on this page.
Thirdly, while it is free, you will have to make a refundable deposit. Not a huge one, but just $199. We will issue a refund to you after the call. The idea is to ensure that you do show up. Like I said, I do value my time too much. If you do not show, however, for the call, consider it a cancellation fee. 
Fourth, we may or may not decide to offer an ongoing consulting program or other arrangement at the end of the call. We only offer this if we think your business will benefit from it. Our ongoing program is not likely to be cheap, though we must mention here that I have a five-year retention rate of over 75%. If you don’t find this offer valuable, or if we don’t find that we can work with you over the long-term, well… time is very limited, and my team is really small, so no hard feelings.