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Business Appraisal Explained

If you have just taken the business appraisal questionnaire, and received your business' valuation, this article is for you. This is a preliminary result, of course. Business Valuation takes weeks if not months of specific analysis. We would expect you to treat this business valuation as a rather preliminary report. A starting point, if you […]
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Pro-Tip #14: Don't underpay, overpay.

Pro-Tip #14: Don't underpay, overpay. For everything. Especially for ad space. And for key employees. If you can't afford to outbid your competitors, they've already women.
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Invest 5 Minutes #4

Invest five minutes at the start of each day in planning out the primary tasks for your day. Within one year, your own personal productivity will be unrecognizable.
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Proof and levels of it

If you have a unique product that does something other competing products cannot do, demonstrate it. If you can't demonstrate it, bring out a sampler. If you can't bring out samples, encourage your customers to talk about it. If your business is new, get someone with authority or repute to vouch for it. If none […]
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The End Goal

The end-goal for your business is to maintain and progressively strengthen the relationship you have with your audience. Everything else... your equipment, your team, your tools, your infrastructure, even your business' systems exist only to facilitate that. Profits and equity are mere byproducts.
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Clientology 101

Do you use paid advertising to generate leads and get customers/clients? I get it. I understand. Advertising is expensive. And it’s not getting cheaper. It costs 30% more to advertise to the same group of people today than it did just 12 months ago. And one year down the line, it’ll be 30% more expensive […]
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