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Pro-Tip #13: Quality

I went to a restaurant. Went out to take a call. Saw the employees in the kitchen "misbehaving" with the food. "It's not like we're gonna have to eat it." Pro-tip #13: If your product isn't good enough for you, it's not good enough for your customers and clients. Corollary to pro-tip #13: Reputation, once […]
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Systemize Your Communications

If you asked me for my meeting notes from December 2015, I'll be able to produce them in under a minute. If you asked me for your contract with Westernston that was signed in 2016, I'll be able to send you a copy within one minute flat. We have systems for organizing communications, contracts, notes […]
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Fibonacci is beautiful. Your customers don't need to hear from you every single day, important as follow up is. Nor do your prospects. But out of sight is out of mind. What is the perfect balance? Answer: Fibonacci. Nature is organized in Fibonacci sequence. Golden ratios are derived from it. Your follow-up timing should follow […]
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Honest takes

Fair and honest takes, disclaimers and conservative warnings do not work on immature clients. It is a feature, not a bug. Stick to honesty and set realistic expectations.
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Balance of Power

If more than 25% of your entire revenue (or profits) come from a single client or customer, you don't have a business. You have a job where you basically answer to multiple bosses.
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Going out of the way for your customers (Client Satisfaction)? BAD move!

So someone asked me recently if there's anything at all that I would not do to satisfy my clients, given that my clients vouch for a lot of things that we do for them... and we have excellent relationships with all of our clients. So they wanted to know if there's anything we would NOT […]
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