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Data Driven Decisions

Let data drive your decisions, and not your "instinct" or "emotions". For your "instinct" is meaningless until you have a wealth of experience, enough to have a calibrated view of the datasets in your domain. Even then, should your "instinct" collide with freshly obtained data, you need to defer to data.
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How to build equity

What builds equity in business? Systems. Reliable, dependable systems that get things moving. Pro-tip: The more unbreakable a system, the greater the equity.
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Equity or Income

Focus on maximizing income, and you'll end up getting paid very well for your time. Focus on maximizing your equity, and you'll end up getting paid well enough for never having to spend your time. Choose wisely.
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Systemize Your Communications

If you asked me for my meeting notes from December 2015, I'll be able to produce them in under a minute. If you asked me for your contract with Westernston that was signed in 2016, I'll be able to send you a copy within one minute flat. We have systems for organizing communications, contracts, notes […]
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Invest 5 Minutes #5

Invest five minutes every day looking at previous business day's expenses. In a year, your business will be financially unrecognizable.
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Invest 5 minutes #1

Invest five minutes everyday systemizing just one aspect of your business. Whatever takes up most of your time via manual,, grunt work. If you do this every day, in a year your entire business will be unrecognizable.
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