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The Six Point Checklist You Need Before Formulating Business Strategy

Let's start by discussing where and how we got the idea for creating this six point business strategy checklist. A few minutes ago, on a forum filled with business owners, entrepreneurs and budding entrepreneurs, I read a question. Obviously, it came from someone who wishes to start a business of some kind. Here's what he […]
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Why Westernston's Objective Is To Double Your Marketshare

Westernston's mission, as you know, is two fold. Firstly, to help you systemize your business. And secondly, to help you double your marketshare. This article details why we chose "double your marketshare" as our marketing related core objective. We could have chosen anything. Any of the following would have been great... Double (or triple or quadruple) […]
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2 Greatest Reasons Why Should You Systemize Your Business & What You Can Accomplish Over The Long Term

A core difference between businesses that grows exponentially and those that don't is systemization. In other words, if you want to scale your business exponentially, marketing can't do much unless you systemize your business. As we have said in our very first post, "What Is Westernston?"... The core philosophy here is that everything that is routine can be […]
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What Is Westernston?

If you are the owner or leader of a small or medium sized company... you are busy. There's no denying that. The more successful your business is, the more likely it is that you're overworked. Which means you can't do everything you know you need to do for your business to prosper, thrive and grow. Here […]
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We are glad to have you onboard. You will receive email notifications from us from time to time. We only send out emails that are relevant and useful. If at any time you do not find our messages useful and/or relevant, please feel free to unsubscribe. Here are the kinds of emails you can expect: […]
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