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Fibonacci is beautiful. Your customers don't need to hear from you every single day, important as follow up is. Nor do your prospects. But out of sight is out of mind. What is the perfect balance? Answer: Fibonacci. Nature is organized in Fibonacci sequence. Golden ratios are derived from it. Your follow-up timing should follow […]
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Your USP

Your USP is whatever you're really good at. Your core competence. Stuff you do so well nobody else can do it. If it's something that there's high demand for, marketing is simply demonstration to the right audiences, and that's it.
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Honest takes

Fair and honest takes, disclaimers and conservative warnings do not work on immature clients. It is a feature, not a bug. Stick to honesty and set realistic expectations.
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Rapid growth

Rapid growth is cancerous. Inevitably, the cyclical nature of our universe ensures whatever grows rapidly, ages rapidly, and dies en masse. You may think you want rapid growth in profits, equity or assets. But focus instead on sustainability and lean survival, and your business will last 100x as long, maybe even 1000x.
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People with lots of questions

Those who have lots of questions about your products, services and offers are often way worse clients then those that sign up and pay without talking too much. There's a difference between legitimate questions and time wasters. Learn to recognise it.
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Competition is Fierce

You are competing with funny cats, cute babies, hot babes, supercars, luxury vacations and the Kardashians along with all other celebrity shenanigans for your audience's attention. Boring offers ain't gonna cut it. Your messaging must be on-point. Anything less is a waste of advertising dollars.
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